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Snuggle in and Plant the Dream Seeds...
 Sooo, summer’s gone. And winter is fast-approaching. And work schedules have not gotten any less complicated. Sometimes, I wish I could just leave everything and move away from the city. I fantasize about adopting a new life, spending copious amounts of time outdoors, and then the rest of the time cooking and baking in the kitchen. Since I don’t foresee this fantasy actualizing any time soon, I have resolved to living vicariously through bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver. Her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle details her experience of moving her family from the desert of Tuscon, Arizona to a small farm in Southern, Virginia with the challenge of eating local food for one year. 
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Sharing is Caring
What it means to be a locavore-- Barbara Kingsolver gives the poignant scoop on eating local in her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Recipe of the Week:
Pumpkin Soup in its Own Shell
People and Places:
Eating in the neighborhood with Latitude 41 and Linda Mitcham of Mo Bite Products.  Coming soon-- list of restaurants with core values of using local produce.
A major win for vegans of Northeast Ohio-- The Plain Dealer has recognized our lifestyle/ dietary choice as one worth exploring!  We are no longer masochistic freaks on the edge of a health nut cliff! WOOT!  But while PD Food and Restaurant Editor Joe Crea's attempt to understand veganism was noteworthy....(more) 


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